Introducing the RollerHound

A new sport for you and your dog!

  • Ultra Tough
  • Interactive
  • Fun!


The RollerHound is a flying disc designed and optimized to roll.

The inspiration for the RollerHound comes from the sport of disc golf, where rolling a disc can be an advantage.

Throwing, or rather “rolling” the RollerHound, is very simple and intuitive.

With an overhand throw, beginners can immediately achieve rolls that go farther than they could throw a ball.

With practice, or if you have ever played the game of disc golf, you can achieve very long rolls that break to the left or to the right.  Your dog will appreciate your developing skills!


Why RollerHound

The RollerHound is more than a random chunk of rubber for your dog to gnaw on. It is specifically designed by Reboot Sports, (a sporting goods company), to perform like a real sporting good.

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